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Current Insurance is a provider of leading insurance plans that meet your needs and fit your budget. We have the strength of a nationwide network of A-rated insurance carriers many are household names. We specialize in helping you protect your legacy and your most important assets for your family and loved ones…your home, your current income and your retirement savings to ensure that your needs are met at every life stage…

Why Current Insurance ?

We are independent , licensed and state regulated insurance specialists that compare the top carriers to find the right plan for you…and at NO COST TO YOU! We work with the top insurance companies, but we aren’t employed by them or held “captive” to them so we are free to find and choose the best coverage for you that meets your needs and fits your budget. We can work with you by phone , online or in person to help you make the right choice, and then we complete all the necessary paperwork and watch over your application until the policy is issued and delivered to you.

Current Insurance